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Getting started

Make sure to install the TLOB library by copying the library files to your Arduino library folder/TLOB

Connect 3 leds 1 button to your arduino, one end connects to arduino pins and the other end to ground.

Then copy the template below and replace the pin numbers: tlob(led1, led2, led3, button)

// include the TLOB library
#include <TLOB.h>
// initialise the TLOB object with the name tlob
TLOB tlob(2,3,4,5);
void setup() {
void loop() {
// if the button is down
if (tlob.buttonDown()){
// turn all leds on
} else {
// turn all leds off
// update the tlob object so that it knows if the button is up or down

Now upload the code to your arduino, and hold press the button to check if all leds light up.


It is recommended to call tlob.update(); once per loop, this will make sure that button variables are processed as expected and that blink functions will work correctly. Alternatively you can call tlob.updateLeds() and 'tlob.updateButton()` separately.


The TLOB library comes with a few functions and variables to make programming 3L1B games easier. It is recommendable to have a look at led(), blink() and buttonPressed() to begin with, but the other functions will surely be useful to you too.